Words From Past Presenting Founders:


Ryan Denomme

Founder & CEO Nicoya Lifesciences

"The Waterloo Alumni Angel's put together a great event with a number of investment-ready companies and active investors. We received significant interest from investors after the event and closed within a few weeks."
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Marie Chevrier

Founder & CEO Sampler

"I really enjoyed pitching at Waterloo Alumni Angels. You can really tell that this is a group of sophisticated investors. The make-up is predominantly of ex-entrepreneurs who understand what it's like to be in your shoes." 

Leah Skerry

Co-Founder & CEO Squiggle Park

"Taking part in Waterloo Alumni Angels pitch was a great way to instantly connect to Ontario VCs that are making a big impact in Canada. I have continued relationships with a few investors that have supported Squiggle Park through their mentorship and will likely invest in the future." 

Justin Hein

Co-Founder & CEO RoseRocket

"WAA was an extremely well-run event with strong angels! Prem was excellent, pre, during and post the event. I would go back in a second"

Contributors To Past Events

special thanks goes out to those without whom waterloo alumni angels would not be possible


Event #5 Sponsor

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Matt Cohen

Event #4 Speaker

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Event #4 Co-Host

Special thanks goes to Daniella Cross & Nenone Donaldson

Arjun Dayal

 Waterloo Alumni Angels Logo Designer

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Alex Norman

Event #5 Speaker

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Janet Bannister

Event #5 Speaker


Event #4 Venue Sponsor

Special thanks goes to Riley Guerts & Kurtis McBride

Event #3 Sponsor

Special thanks goes out to Laura Flatt & Emily Miller.

Devon Galloway

Event #3 Speaker


Mike Stork

Event #3 Speaker

Event #2 Sponsor

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Steven McCartney

Event #3 Speaker

Lyon Wong

Event #2 Speaker

Jay Shah

Event #2 Speaker

Kevin Kimsa

Event #1 Speaker

Paul Ciriello

Event #1 Speaker


Event #1 Sponsor

Special thanks goes out to Jamie Firsten & Tania Marossis

Karamdeep Nijjar

Event #1 Speaker