About Us

Waterloo Alumni Angels was founded in 2016 to bring together startups and investors from the University of Waterloo community.   We hold pitch events once per quarter, where 5 of the best UW-affiliated seed-stage startups present to a room full of successful Waterloo Alumni Angel investors.

Core Principles

  1. For the Entrepreneurs - We believe that focusing on what is best for our entrepreneurs is best for the entire community. If we are able to help accelerate our entrepreneurs' success, this will deliver returns to investors, the University, and the broader local technology ecosystem.
  2. Actionable Education - We will begin each event with an educational component to share new insights and ensure that all attendees are up-to-date with our community's recent successes. We will also hear from the best that our ecosystem has to offer so we can benefit from the lessons they've gleaned in helping build world-class technology companies.
  3. Strategic Community Building - As with any organization, the key to success is getting the right people involved. Luckily, we're starting from a good base with University of Waterloo alumni. We're happy to make exceptions for value-adding individuals on the investor side and impressive entrepreneurs on the startup side.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Patrick or Prem.